The Big Fix is a five piece indie-rock band based out of Austin, TX.   They deliver strong vocals, addictive melodies, a slamming rhythm section, and catchy guitar riffs. 


Nathan Harlan, lead singer, writer, and guitar player began making his imprint on the Austin music scene with his former band, Endochine. He continued to play in several other bands, forming many new relationships with musicians who were ready to help him create The Big Fix.


Steven Six, also a former member of Endochine, lays down groove and melody on the bass.


Emily Shirley powers the keys and vocals, adding sexy and haunting elements.


Jason Lewis, coming from that Detroit rock ‘n’ roll, is a machine when it comes to driving the drums.


Chris Peters brings texture and character with his guitar and vocals.


Their self-titled EP was released in February 2018 and produced by James Stevens at EAR Studios in Austin, TX.  Getting radio play on local stations and performing at some of Austin's best venues, the future is looking great for this band.